Houseboats 2017 - Quick Look from CPC Danville on Vimeo.


Houseboats 2017- Full Version from CPC Danville on Vimeo.

ROCK is a unique community of high school students at CPC where faith and life collide in a real and exciting fashion. 

Students gather from multiple schools across the East Bay to explore life below the surface seeking to live with purpose and direction. This group of students is welcoming, anything but boring, and determined to not settle for the status quo in life and faith. Partnering with multiple generations of leaders, ROCK students thrive as they take advantage of building relationships with not only other students, but leaders as well.

ROCK is an open and safe place for questions, struggles and overall imperfection. It is also a place for students who desire a deeper, more authentic relationship with God.

Confused?  Just jump in for an experience! Check out our weekly connections and events tabs for a picture of what our community is all about and what we are up to!
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