9:00AM - 10:15AM in Room 7

Come hang out at Wildside and enjoy a morning of fun games, meaningful connections with friends and participate in a lesson from the Word and learn how it relates to our lives.   

No Program on the 1st Sunday Morning of the month.

Students worship with your family in the Video Cafe and celebrate communion with the church family!

7 - 8:30 PM in Room 7 at CPC  

Join us on Wednesday nights for an evening full of FUN, FRIENDSHIP AND FAITH.  Wildside 5/6 is a place where our younger students can have a great time with friends and discover and explore their faith in a welcoming, supportive environment.

When our Wednesday night program turns into a CROWD night.

Schedule for:  8/31, 10/12, 12/7, 2/8 & 4/2.  These nights are themed and take place in the CPC gym.  They are perfect nights to invite your friends to come experience the fun of our group and to hear the message of the Gospel presented in a very accessible and friendly way.