College Road Trip 2019

Our College Road Trip is for current high school Juniors and Seniors. This weekend journey is more about exploring the transition into college life than about the particular schools we will be visiting. We will be connecting with former ROCK students, looking at campus life, and exploring how practically, personally, and spiritually to follow Christ into the university environment.
  • DATES: Friday at 4:00pm October 25th from CPC to Sunday around 9:00 pm October 27th to CPC
  • COST: $89 (covers transportation, breakfasts, parking, etc.) PLUS bring cash for lunches and dinners daily (5 meals) and souvenirs if desired ($100 recommended total).
  • WHAT TO BRING: PACK LIGHT because we'll be staying with host families! Bring a small bag with clothes for 2 days, sleeping attire, sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, bible, notebook, and good walking shoes!
  • ITINERARY: We will most likely be going these schools: USC, Cal Poly, Pepperdine