We are a ministry that reaches out to students so that they might experience, embrace, and then extend the truth and love of Jesus Christ. Our intention is to come alongside students to offer them support, encourage, an a safe place to explore their faith. 

All of our students are searching for purpose, significance, meaning, and even their own identity. What we want most for our students is for them to discover the life that only God can offer them – what the Bible calls "life that is truly life"- by coming to know Jesus Christ in a real, relevant, and personal way. As a ministry of Community Presbyterian Church, we want to help students find a place of belonging – not only among our community of students, but also among the family of families within the larger church. Every student is welcome in our ministry, regardless of their spiritual background, regardless of the pains and struggles they bring with them. Come get to know us, connect, belong, grow, care for others, and make your impact!


Our Student Ministry department has a handle on teens, their lifestyle and pressures and how to reach them through worship, retreats, small groups and fellowship designed specifically for them. There are various levels of spiritual interest and commitment among our students. Students at CPC are always accepted where they are on their own level.

FIVE/SIX (5th & 6th Grade)

Wildside Five|Six disciples and cares for our younger students in age-appropriate ways. It supports you, as their parents, as they navigate the developmental transition from childhood into early adolescence.


WILDSIDE (7th & 8th Grade)

Middle School is a crazy time of life! Our goal at Wildside 7|8 is to offer students a safe place to experience the fun, exciting and meaningful life that God intended for us to have.



A welcoming place for every high school student; a refuge from the pressures; a place to connect and belong; an invitation to a new way of life; an encounter with the love of Christ.