Thank you for being a Small Group Leader. You are helping to move people from rows to circles and we know that God will bless you and grow your faith through this experience.  

My prayer for you and your group is that you will continue to grow in your understanding and love of Jesus Christ AND that your group may grow in number!


Below you will find the teaching schedule for the next few weeks at CPC. If your group follows the weekend messages, this may be helpful for you to plan or prepare for your group. 


If you can’t make it to a weekend service, we livestream all our services on FacebookLive. Visit our Facebook page by clicking HERE.  You can join us from wherever you are and not miss a moment of the music and teaching.


Words have power. Even the simplest words can change the trajectory of your life. Words like "Help" can set an addict toward recovery and freedom. "Yes" can open hour heart to the love of Jesus. "Sorry" and "Thanks" can heal families and bring hope. When you use small words like these, God can do big things in your life. 

April 27 & 28-7 Words to Change Your Life "Thanks"-Bill Haslim (Baptism Weekend)

May 4 & 5-7 Words to Change Your Life "Sorry"-Pastor Tyler

May 11 & 12-7 Words to Change Your Life "WOW" (Mother's Day)-Pastor Tyler

May 18 & 19-7 Words to Change Your Life "HELP"-Pastor Tyler

May 25 & 26-7 Words to Change Your Life "ENOUGH"-Pastor Tyler

June 1 & 2-7 Words to Change Your Life "YES"-Guest Speaker, Larry Vold, 3 Crosses Pastor

June 8 & 9-Guest Speaker, Efrem Smith, Pastor, Bayside Church

June 15 & 16-FATHER'S DAY Wear your Favorite Team Jersey-7 Words to Change Your Life "FOR"-Jeremiah Ramer

RightNow Media offers thousands of great group studies covering a multitude of topics. Go to and check it out.  If you do not have a free subscription, email me at so I can send you an invitation to sign up for FREE!! 

A few of my favorites:

Men's Study-No More Excuses Tony Evans

Sometimes circumstances in life make it difficult for men to be all God wants them to be. But Tony Evans urges men to stop looking at their circumstances as excuses and instead to see them as challenges and opportunities for success. Exploring the examples of men of God throughout the Bible, this study will challenge you to lay down your excuses, stop compromising, and fight to be a man of character and commitment. Despite your setbacks, failures, and pressures, you can still find purpose, meaning, and direction in life and become the man God has called you to be. (8 sessions)
Check it out at

What Every Christian Needs to Know
Greg Laurie 

As a Christian, if you are not growing spiritually, you are regressing. Pastor Greg Laurie gives some time-tested advice on how to make sure you are moving forward in your spiritual life. Learn basic disciplines to keep you pressing on and growing in the faith, so that you can become a mature believer and help others in their spiritual walk as well.

Check it out on Right Now Media

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Sermon Study Guides accompany each weekend sermon. They are ready-to-use guides that facilitate open sharing and personal application, with questions ranging from simple to deep and challenging. CLICK HERE to download the Discussion Questions included with the teaching.


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