Join our February 2018 Trip

February 8-18th, 2018

This trip offers a unique experience we’ve not yet had in Sintaro. The team will be there while school is in session! We will have the opportunity to do health checks, but mostly be in the classroom with the teachers and students.  Email Karen Jones for more information!

Summer Trip: July 19-29th, 2018 

Child Sponsorship

We've brought in 50 new children to be sponsored, thank you CPC! Thank you for helping make a life changing impact on a child in Sintaro by being a sponsor for the next class of kids entering school.  Sponsorship provides uniforms, books, health checks, daily meals and spiritual nourishment.  Contact Phyllis Park if you are interested in sponsoring a child.

Sintaro July 2017 Team Update
July 2017 Trip Summary
  • Starting September, we now have 300 kids in school
  • Kids in the school thriving; physically, educationally, socially, spiritually
  • Loving and dedicated teachers
  • Sintaro school ranked #1 in the county
  • Solar electricity installed and enabling adult education classes at night
  • New building site chosen next to current site, with construction starting in 2018 (grades 5-8th)
  • Some issues we addressed: Fences around the water sites need repairing, Fence around the water pumping station is needed, Discussed raising water prices to cover fuel costs, Establishment of a “small use fund” at the school
  • Hope Enterprises, our partner for Sintaro,  having management and organizational issues, for which we (and other donors) are providing ongoing counsel
  • 50 new children needing sponsors, starting now
  • Taste of Sintaro Night will be held in March, 2018
  • CPC Session approved:
    ◦The next phase of building
    ◦Extension of child sponsorship to the 8th grade, so EVERY child will graduate from the school




This was my second trip to Sintaro, my first being 3 years ago.  This was a completely different experience.  

We were  met by Hope staff and taken directly to The Godolias, our hotel in Awassa..  This was a new hotel for those of us in this group and it was great.  Again, such a change from my last experience.  Clean beds, clean running water, no strong odors, no monkeys running in and out of the rooms and a nice "safe" restaurant next door where we ate most of our meals and they even catered to dietary needs in our group.

We spent the next 4 days going to the village.  There was a lot to do with only 7 of us but we gelled together beautifully and were comfortable with an interpreter always by our side.   Our first day, Sunday, we took it slow as we were scheduled to attend one of their 3 church services (this was an experience in itself) and make a few home visits with the children’s families.  That night we also shared the "Jesus film” which is in their language (Sadama) inviting all the Villagers to one of the local churches to view it.  Our team sat in the back and truly, you could hear a pin drop. it was so quiet.

Monday morning we set our plan into action.  Only the 4th graders came so we doted on them.  We took photos, read your letters, gave them deworming medication then proceeded to present a small group Bible study (written by Ashley and based on "Do unto Others”).  We used scripture, interaction games, panomine, art projects, and just silliness to share the concept of caring for others.  

On to lunch!  This was another first for me to eat the "village food" and it was delicious as it was made by the Hope staff, making use of the clean well water!. In the afternoon we made a home visits. 

Tuesday, we repeated our schedule with the children going into third grade.   It was so much fun teaching and observing.  Both days the children lined up and wait patiently for their turn to have their letters read……..There is such great anticipation to just ‘see' their letter.  We set up 5 stations and they filed through, one at a time.     

Wednsday we saw the 2nd and 1st graders.  We repeated the same activities with all but the Bible Study.    

Reading your letters, I was so moved as I took in their reactions and emotions.   I read the words you had written and listened as the interpreters repeated my words and then shared the photos you sent.  After reading a letter we closed with payer. Praying with each and every child was such a privilege.  This was most certainly the highpoint of the week for me.  I’ve worked with the "child sponsorship" portion of our program for over a year but  Now, I’ve now tasted the fruit of my labor and it is SO sweet!! 

Speaking of the children…..  They were so anxious to interact with us.  As our week progressed, in the afternoons when we made the home visits and we always had a large group of children walk with us.  I just loved how they wanted to walk next to us, interact personally with us, hold our hands, and practice their english.  We walked, stumbled, skipped and sang, and they especially loved singing the ABC song.  They giggled as they compared the color of our skin and were constantly touching my arm, Im sure wondering if it felt like theirs.

Many were excited to practice the english language and at times we did not even need to have an interpreter present.  

As most of you know, our Hope schools have a policy to educate only 1 child from each of the poorest of the poor families.  This has always concerned me but I came to the realization, on this trip,  that the  program works!  The children in school teach their siblings.  Infact, One little boy stood out as he was so proficient is Sadama, Amharic (the national language), and English.  I asked where he learned to speak English so well and he said from his older brother who is in public  High School.  One question I asked every child was “what is your favorite class in school”?  Without fail the answer was always “English”.  

The one question I asked the parents, on the home visits, was “ What have they benifitted the most since CPC came to Sintaro” the answer was always school for their child then the clean well water.  I have to say, too, our home visits were heart warming.  With each visit we took a gift of cookies or a packaged mixture of a nutty grain.  The families were so gracious, as they invited us into their homes and answered our many questions regarding the well, their family, school, adult education and spiritual training. As with the children, we ended our visits with prayer.  Spiritual well being is as important to them as it is to us.  Many held us tight and some even fell to the ground as we prayed over them. What a humbling experience! 

We left on Thursday with our tasks completed and felt so blessed with beautiful weather and healthy bodies throughout the week.    

The friendships that grew within our team and strengthened relationships, with those back in the village, made it difficult to say goodbye "this time". The memories of the children’s faces, my videos of their laughter and singing are a constant reminder of how blessed I am to have been able take this trip, twice now! I can only look forward to the next time!

-Phyllis Park