Serve Day FAQ


We are having SERVE DAY in 2020?? YES! While it will be a completely different experience in this season, ​we’ll be offering a variety of ways for you to give back.


What will projects look like this year? We will have a few on-campus projects in the CPC parking lot and a few off-campus Most excitedly, we are offering Serve Day "in a box." Families, small groups and individuals can sign up to pick up a box with all necessary items to host a project in their cul-de-sac or back yard! Click here to see available projects.


What is SERVE DAY? Serve Day is an amazing weekend when thousands will go out into our communities and show the love of Christ in real and tangible ways. Our church and many others will be serving our neighbors in Danville, San Ramon Valley and Bay Area. 


When is SERVE DAY? October 3-4, 2020


I can't serve that weekend! No problem! Because of the changes this year, you can participate through an extended period of time.  Also, we want to encourage you to join us the following weekend at VIRTUAL Run for Education. See main Serve Day page for more information! 


I want to participate in SERVE DAY, how do I sign up? Registration will begin online on Friday, September 18th.


Who are we serving? Click here to see our growing list. 


Where will we be serving? There will be a few opportunities on campus at CPC, as well as around Danville, Concord, San Ramon, Livermore, Oakland and more.


I have a project idea.  Who can I share this with? Great! Please email  with info on the organization you have in mind!


I want to serve together with my small group. Is that possible? Sure thing!


Who pays the costs associated with Serve Day? Serve Day is a budgeted event at CPC.  However, CPCers have generously made donations, above and beyond the budget over the last couple of years.


What should I bring on Serve Day? Plan on bringing any personal items you may need, like your SERVE DAY T-shirt, sunscreen, drinking water, tennis shoes, a hat, etc., along with any items pertaining to your serve project such as rakes, gloves, lawnmowers, tarps, work tools, etc. For serve opportunities requiring physical labor, work clothes are a good idea. Also check with your leader for what you may need.


Will the church be communicating additional details about Serve Day? Yes! Leading up to our big weekend you will hear a lot about Serve Day. You can also stay tuned right here on the website.  Once you are officially signed up for a project you will be receiving emails from your project manager.


Can I invite people who are not part of CPC? Of course! This is a super easy and fun way to get your friends, neighbors and community involved in serving.


Who can I contact with questions or concerns? Please email Deana Dickerson!