Three Year Old Classes

We introduce children to several modes of creative expression with an emphasis on building the self-image of the child.


A teacher/student ratio of 1:6 allows for our teachers to give personal attention to each child. The classroom is inviting and designed to introduce children to many modes of creative expression. The children can explore tables covered with educational manipulatives, puzzles, and free art supplies. Play dough and painting easels are always available. Our playground offers the opportunity for children to ride bikes, climb and slide, dig in the sand, and play with hoops and balls. Imaginary play takes place in and around our playhouses which have an ample supply of tools and dishes.


Every week there is a teacher guided theme project that corresponds to the classroom theme. Some of our themes include Farm, Fall, Christmas, and Sea Life. Children learn to follow directions, gather insight into the theme, and create a special project to take home.


The children hear an age appropriate Bible story every week. Big, colorful books are used along with the teaching of many Bible songs. The goal is to stress to each one of the children how much they are loved by God.


This teacher directed activity strengthens children's fingers for pencil grip.
The children roll and squeeze play dough, use tongs for picking up small objects, cut with scissors, and string small objects.


The school has a talented music teacher who plays the piano and teaches the children many lively and engaging songs. Different songs for different themes provide constant variety, but old favorites never go out of style.


Numbers and counting are involved in everything that the children do. In addition, the children have a teacher directed Math Program which focuses on sets, sorting, identifying shapes, and the number concepts 1-7.


The teacher selects activities which require the children to think and then respond using their large muscles. They participate in activities such as crawling through tunnels, tossing beanbags, walking like animals, hopping, jumping, and catching balls.


The children participate in activities that help them recognize the uppercase letters of the alphabet. The Handwriting Without Tears learning kits provide resources for this curriculum offering.

After a year with our experienced and caring teachers, the children are prepared to move on to our Four Year Old classes.


Tuesdays/Thursdays (2 Day), 8:30 am - 11:30 am
Monday/Wednesday/ Friday (3 Day), 8:30 am - 11:30 am


30 minutes: Greeting, free play, interest centers, enrichment activities
15 minutes: Circle time which includes prayer, calendar, weather, counting of children present, introduction of participating parents, introduction of the theme or a curriculum concept
45 minutes: Projects, interest centers, playground
15 minutes: Circle time
15 minutes: Snack
45 minutes: Projects, interest centers, playground
15 minutes: Cleanup, closing activities


In our Three Year Old classes, we maintain a ratio of 6 students/teacher.


Tues/Thurs 2 Day Class 8:30 am - 11:30 am $410.00

4th Hour Lunch Program Tu/Th only

extending program to 12:30 pm*

+ $75 additional
Mon/Wed/Fri 3 Day Class 8:30 am - 11:30 am  $490.00

4th Hour Lunch Program M/W only extending program to 12:30 pm*

+ $75 additional 

**Tuition fee subject to change** Tuition is based on the number of sessions in a school year. The total cost is divided into nine equal payments. These payments can be made by check, by an authorized debit from your checking account or by authorizing a recurring credit card payment.


If you have any questions about our classes, please feel free to contact our office.