We are pleased to introduce the Regional Development Project approved by Session.  You are all aware of CPC’s Vision 2020 which had as our goal to reach out for an international, regional and local development project.  Sintaro Village, Ethiopia was our first International project. Now, we have an exciting opportunity for us to engage our members in a regional project in Richmond.  We are wrapping our time, talent and treasure around four ministries that we know well and have been walking alongside for a long time.


These ministries are:
Bay Area Rescue Mission (Christian-based focused on the homeless, job training & re-entry)
Today’s Youth Matter (transforming kids' lives through high impact outdoor experiences and year round mentoring)
Christian Home Missionary Baptist Church (focused on sharing the gospel, youth, rebuilding families & re-entry).

Click here to read the 2016 update on our partnership with Richmond.


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