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myCPC offers a place for you to easily share deeper community with your friends at CPC. It can also help simplify how you communicate and interact with the groups and events you are a part of. 

Like Facebook, it offers an online place to journey together in community and to communicate about life's ups and downs. Unlike Facebook, it's a CPC community, not a global community. 

In fact, it's a lot of small communities-like the Small Group you're sharing life with and the mid-size community where you're leaning and growing together. It's a place to share resources, find opportunities and meet needs, check out upcoming church events, see your personalized church calendar, track your giving, and more.

Through myCPC, you can customize your privacy settings and communication preferences. Want to receive information via email, text, or twitter? Prefer to receive no communication at all? You choose!

It's easier than you think to become part of CPC's new online community Log in today and join us! Click the "GET STARTED" button below to create your account.  


Having trouble? Let us know how we can help by filling out the myCPC Support Form