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THE GOAT | The Sermon on the Mount | Two Houses

Series: The GOAT - The Sermon on the Mount

Speaker: Caleb Bonifay

Tags: sermon, sand, rock, mount, goat

Do you feel you are building a foundation on a rock? What areas of your life do you think you may be holding on to sand?

READ Matthew 7:24.
What does it mean to build your house on a rock?

Jesus’ end goal is not to inform you, but to transform you. 
READ James 2:14 and James 1:22. Why is it important that our lives be transformed by our faith?

THE HOUSES: What have I built my life on?
READ Matthew 7:26-27. What you build your life on, will be revealed when the storm comes. What do we often put our trust and hope in that is actually sand?  

THE PEOPLE: The wise man and the foolish man. 

READ Matthew 7:24-26 and Proverbs 10:25. Most people are not deliberately seeking to build a false foundation. How can we measure the effectiveness of our Bible Study time?

No one is immune to the storm.
Practicing obedience becomes the solid foundation to weather the storms of life. 

READ Matthew 7:27 and Matthew 16:26. This life is just an introduction to eternity. How we live this brief span, not only determines our eternal life, but it builds a strong foundation for our life on earth.

What storms have you experienced that your faith kept you from being swept away?
READ John 14:15. What are the benefits of living a life based on putting Jesus’ words into action?


What steps can you take today to put Jesus’ words into action?

COMMIT TO MEMORY: Matthew 7:24-25