If you are going on a short-term mission trip with CPC, this is a treasure of links to resources that will help navigate the process to get ready to go!


CPC Short-Term Trip Participant Guide This guide outlines everything you need to know as a member of a CPC trip. Information includes team member responsibilities; health & safety information; guidelines for raising support; travel information; photography, communication, and social media guidelines, and what to expect when you return home. 

CPC Team Member Covenant and Agreement When accepted to serve on a short-term team, each participant will be asked to agree to abide by certain convictions and guidelines that will ensure the best experience both individually, for the team, and for any partner ministry or nationals we serve with.

Travel Insurance In the event travel insurance is required for your trip, at a minimum, you are required to purchase travel insurance to cover at least $100,000 amount of medical evacuation BOTH in the case of medical emergency AND in case of political unrest (unless the latter is not determined to be necessary based on the location of the trip with approval by the CPC Missions Director.) In addition, there should be a minimum $15,000 medical/dental coverage.

Physicians Release Form More coming soon.

Parent Consent Form for Minors More coming soon.

Focus Missions Manual This manual provides detail steps for setting up and managing trips on the Focus Missions portal.

Focus Missions This link takes you to the portal where you will find specific information related to your trip. Requirements for providing documentation and payment deadlines can be found here. You will also see a list of your team members, information regarding upcoming team meetings and even chat with team members.   

Apply for Help with Short Term Missions Funding CPC Missions endeavors to assist those going on short-term mission trips as the need arises and money is available. Click this link to complete your application for funds. The application must be submitted at least 45 days before the date your balance is due to CPC. If the application due date is not met, funds may not be available.

CDC Immunization Info The CDC provides information, including recommended vaccines, for the country you are traveling to. It is important to review this early as some vaccines require multiple doses spaced apart that must be completed before you travel.

Mission Trip Payments (link coming) Here information is provided that outlines how trip payments either by you, or someone on your behalf, may qualify as tax deductible donations.  All donations should be made through the link provided to the CPC form.

Book Recommendations (link coming)


CPC Trip Leader Guide This guide provides an overview of CPC policies and procedures for the leader to follow beginning with the pre-trip planning phase.

CPC Trip Leader Confidentiality and Data Security Agreement More coming soon.

Focus Missions Manual This manual provides detail steps for setting up and managing trips on the Focus Missions portal. It can be used by both administrators and trip leaders.

Focus Missions and CPC Resource Center Overview This provides an outline of how information is gathered and located through Focus Missions and the online CPC Resource Center.