Each year we take an Easter Special Offering which is above and beyond our regular weekly giving. This year our offering will go to three of our Mission Partners below. 

Young Life Capernaum 

1) For The Valley Events, community Softball, Flag Football and Basketball games in conjunction with the athletics, parents and friends of Dougherty Valley High School. These activities will not only benefit our Capernaum kids but also expose their peers to kids with disabilities. The Dougherty Valley is a great location for Christian sponsored events because of the many nationalities, religions and nonbelievers in the area. 

2) A’s game day, the goal here is simple, take 32 Capernaum kids/ young adults to a baseball game utilizing two suites to accommodate our group. In years past this outing has been funded by CPC's Gift World contributions. 

CityTeam's House of Hope

This is their NEW facility/program off of Seminary Rd. The couple that oversees the program lives in a mother-in-law unit in the back of the property with their two young children. The only bathroom in their unit needs to be completely replaced due to cracks/mold/ventilation/fixtures etc. If the bathroom is not remodeled, they will have to use one of the restrooms in the actual house where potentially 32 women share 4 bathrooms, not ideal for a family of 4 with two kids under the age of 5. 

Plant with Purpose

Plant With Purpose partners with nearly 40,000 rural farming families in eight countries. Sharing worldwide stories of transformation through a professionally-produced video is a highly effective means of communicating our approach, demonstrating impact, and introducing Plant With Purpose partnering farmers to the viewer. We can bring stories of hope to various audiences whether we show the video at our annual gala or on someone’s smartphone. This video will ultimately lead to higher levels of engagement and potentially increased financial support.

This offering would fund the production cost of a professional-grade video which Plant with Purpose will use to bring our story to life. We see this as a wonderful opportunity to leverage CPC’s generous Easter offering to generate even greater financial support as people become motivated by the video and gain a greater awareness of their work. Watch this video that was recently done with a Congolese family in the DRC.

Consider donating today to advance one of these initiatives! 

Donation link coming soon!