Senior Solution Series:  Support for Families & Individuals

February 28, March 14, & March 21 // 1:00-3:00 p.m. // Room 20
There is no cost and you are welcome to attend individual classes or the series.  Please register by clicking on the red button below.

February 28:

Keep the Light On:  Caregiving with Hope and Humor
Suzanne Woods Fisher, Author
Suzanne will share the story of her dad and Alzheimer's--the highs, the lows, and the lessons learned in-between.

What's Normal, What's Not:  Understanding Dementia
Ruth Gay, MS, Chief Public Policy Officer, Alzheimer's Association
     - Early detection of cognitive decline
     - Types of dementia
     - Treatment options
     - Best practices-care and resources

March 14:

How to Receive the Care You Need for the Life You Want
Shari Maxwell, Director of Client Care, BrightStar Care
 - What is the difference between Home Health Nursing and Private Duty Nursing?
     - What is covered under insurance (Medicare) and what is not?
     - How do patients initiate nursing care?

Putting the "Care" in Home Care
Kelly Miller, Executive Vice President of Business Development, Visiting Angels
- Home Care - how to select the right person for your needs
     - Working with families, assisted living and hospice
     - Payment options

Housing Choices for Your Loved One
Steve Villa, Owner, Transitions with Care
Steve's expertise in Board & Care, and Assisted Living facilities will ensure just the right placement for your loved one.

March 21:

Good Care in Tough Times
Dr. Rob Cole, & Randy Reitzes, Health Care Liaison, Hospice East Bay
     - When is it time for hospice?
     - Palliative care vs. hospice

Having the Difficult Conversation
Heidi Johnson, Care Pastor, CPC
Heidi shares about the importance of communication with your elderly loved one and offers tools that may help.

Preparing Well
Casey Cummins, Attorney at Law
     - Wills & Trusts
     - Power of Attorney & DNR
     - What do you need to know?

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