CPC Care Ministry Highlight

Christmas Service of Remembrance

Available Monday, December 7

If you have experienced the death of a loved one, holiday festivities may not feel the same for you no matter how much time has passed.  While we find joy in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, family traditions and Christmas celebrations are often a painful reminder of the person we have lost.  This year has been an especially challenging time and we hope you will join us for a time of hope and healing.

The Christmas Service of Remembrance has traditionally been a time of honoring our loved ones and drawing encouragement from one another and from God’s Word.  As it is not possible for us to gather in person, we have a video option available to you. Beginning on Monday, December 7 we will have a Service of Remembrance posted on the CPC Care website at www.cpcdanville.org/care.  This service will include photos of those we have lost, a message of hope and our traditional candle lighting. The video will be available for you to watch throughout the month of December. In addition, candles will be available outside the CPC church office for you to pick up and use to participate in the candle lighting at home. Consider a time when you may safely gather with family to share in this special experience together.

Please contact Cyndi at or call 925.855.1367 x 202, if you have any questions.