Our mission is to strengthen and empower couples and families to live out the character of Christ in their relationships to one another and to the world. We seek to help couples at all stages of married life grow deeper in committed love and enjoy ever-increasing friendship and intimacy. We are dedicated to helping build families where Christ’s love informs parenting practices and permeates daily family relationships.

There are a lot of great ways to intentionally care for your family and your marriage here at CPC. We have some great options for getting plugged in and finding resources to grow as a married couple or as a parent.

Marriage Mentors

If you are preparing for marriage or would like to strengthen your marriage by walking alongside a couple who is further down the road than you, check out our Marriage Mentors. We have many wonderful couples who would like to share their experiences and lives with you.

Couples Together

If you'd like an opportunity to set aside time with your spouse for those conversations you always mean to have, but never get around to while also learning from other couples, check out Couples Together, our seasonal marriage gathering. Our Fall Session will be meeting in room 20 on Sunday mornings from September 20 - October 11 during the second service. We'd love to give you great opportunities to enjoy your spouse and grow closer together.

Family Studies

Raising children well is a lifetime in the learning. If you'd like help learning how to teach your kids in step with what they are learning in Sunday School here at CPC, check out our Kids Curriculum for great ideas and resources to help you as you teach and raise your kids.

If you have any other questions or want any help getting connected, please email Melanie Wallace ( ).