Friday Mornings 
9:00-11:30 AM • Room 20
Inspiring Spiritual Growth and Encouraging Women Through Life’s Turning Points

Life is full of transitions--some planned and some come upon us as a surprise. Our “Transitions” group encourages and supports each other through life’s turning points while deepening our faith walk through God’s Word. Some of our Transitions...

  • Parenting teenage and adult children
  • Children move out (empty nesters)
  • Our children marry and have their own children
  • Learning to Grandparent
  • Changing family traditions
  • Caring for Aging Parents
  • Children move back in!
  • Divorce
  • Loss of a spouse
  • Loss of parents and loved ones
  • Career Change
  • Retirement

If you are going through one or many of these Transitions, come join us in a warm, welcoming environment!

Beginning October 19, we begin the study Conversation Peace by Mary Kassian. This study gives practical steps based on God's Word to tame our tongues and transform our speech from the inside out. Join us as we improve relationships and speech one word at a time! WALK-INS WELCOME!.

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