Friday Mornings 
9:00-11:30 AM • Room 20
Program begins September 7, 2018
Inspiring Spiritual Growth and Encouraging Women Through Life’s Turning Points

Life is full of transitions--some planned and some come upon us as a surprise. Our “Transitions” group encourages and supports each other through life’s turning points while deepening our faith walk through God’s Word. Some of our Transitions...

  • Parenting teenage and adult children
  • Children move out (empty nesters)
  • Our children marry and have their own children
  • Learning to Grandparent
  • Changing family traditions
  • Caring for Aging Parents
  • Children move back in!
  • Divorce
  • Loss of a spouse
  • Loss of parents and loved ones
  • Career Change
  • Retirement

If you are going through one or many of these Transitions, come join us in a warm, welcoming environment!

In the Fall, we will be studying Bob Goff's book "Everybody Always".

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