We are so sad to share this news...

Dear Students, Parents, and Leaders,
It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that our Mexico Mission Trip has been canceled. This has been a very difficult decision for our church leadership and student ministries team to make, and we fully understand the magnitude of disappointment and loss this means for all of us! Unfortunately, as concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to escalate, so have concerns about taking over 200 of our students on the trip this year. 
There are several recent factors that have led us to make this painful choice. Following the guidance from Contra Costa County Health Services and requests from the Town of Danville, our church is canceling all planned gatherings with 50 or more people through the end of the month. CPC is committed to partnering with our local leaders and supporting their efforts to guard the health of our people and to reduce the risk of spreading this virus in our community. 
We believe that the risk of exposure in Mexico is very low and there are currently no known cases of infection among any of our students or leaders. However, the possibility that this virus could travel with us on one of our buses is real and therefore reason for us to reconsider this year’s trip. We simply do not want to expose any of our students to that potential risk or any of our parents to that anxiety. We know what a life changing week this project is for both the families we serve and the students we take, but we trust that God is going to continue to provide for those families and bless our students through other means. 
If you have made payments to this trip, because it is being canceled, you may choose to request a refund of your payment or you may choose to have us hold that payment as a credit for next year’s trip. We are very confident that we will be able to return to Mexico next year to carry on our long tradition of serving families in need and watching God use this experience of changing our students’ lives too.
PLEASE EMAIL Parker Nelson:  to tell us whether you would like us to:
Refund your payment, or
Hold on to your payment for next year’s Mexico Mission Trip
Thank you for all your investment, partnership, and support!