2017 Men's Fraternity
We meet every Wednesdays at 6AM in the Sanctuary at CPC.

We send out a weekly email reminder. If you would like to receive the email, let us know!

Men's Fraternity Current Series: 
Enemies of the Heart: Have you ever had an outburst that embarrassed you so much that your face turns red right now just remembering? If you’re anything like me, you probably asked yourself, “Where in the world did that come from? That’s not me at all!” There are little red flags, warning signs that pop up in our lives from time to time and we often dismiss them as no big deal or not a big issue. However, these little warnings usually serve as indicators of serious heart problems. These red flags tend to highlight the dark reality living deep within and waiting to burst forth. Men have to identify enemies of the heart and start fighting those enemies before the cost becomes too great.
Are you new to Men's Fraternity? Here's a little info on what to expect:
  • coffee and donuts when you arrive
  • Jeremiah Ramer, CPC's Minister of Outreach, will give a brief devotional then men have time to answer questions and pray for each other in small groups
  • ends right at 7a.m. so you can get to work