To grow spiritually, you need to be connected relationally. CPC has different types of groups for every age and every stage. Each group is as unique as its participants! Groups may study the Bible, go deeper with the sermon material, or explore topics of interest (parenting, marriage, basics of faith, etc.). Here is an overview of the different types of groups at CPC:

Life Groups:

Life Groups (LGs) of 10-12 people meet both on and off campus, are usually comprised of similar age/stage people (i.e., young adults, singles, parents, empty nest, retired, etc.), and meet weekly or bi-monthly. To explore what groups are currently available, please see the Group Finder at the bottom of this web page. 

If you are interested in joining a Life Group, please fill out an interest form and see what’s available. Or, if you’d like to start your own Life Group, gather some friends and find out more about how to become a LG Leader.

Large Groups:

These on-campus programs for men and women offer discussion groups as part of a large group speaker series or bible study. Both Men's and Women's Ministry programs run Fall through Spring and have several options. Commitment level: Groups meet weekly, drop in available for some venues. To learn more or to register for a program, visit: CPC Men or CPC Women

Group Finder:

The Group Finder shows the Life Groups available at CPC. To see what Life Groups are available, narrow your search by location OR click on the arrow by day, time, etc. Only groups that potentially have open spots will appear. Simply click on the group and contact the leader to learn more (it is highly recommended you contact the group leader before you visit the group to ensure you have the latest location and time). If you cannot find a good match email