Are you looking for a way to serve at CPC? A Life Group leader is a great way to give back! Being a Life Group leader helps to create community while you grow spiritually and "do life" together. If you are interested in becoming a Life Group Leader or want to know more about starting your own Life Group, please complete the following steps:

  1. Download and read the Life Group Leader Job Description and Agreement to understand the role of a LG leader.
  2. View the Life Group Leader Checklist which outlines the steps for becoming a LG leader. 
  3. Download and read the Life Group Quick Start Guide to get an overview of how to start a Life Group.
  4. Once you've read these documents, and would like to become a Life Group leader, please complete the online application form.
  5. When you are accepted as a leader, you will receive an email with next steps in the process.

Below is an excerpt from the Life Group Leader Job Description for your information.

If you have questions, please contact Heather Muncy at , 925.855.1367 x 319. Thank you for your interest!

Role of Life Group Leaders

Life Group leaders are gatherers! They help their group meet regularly and facilitate deeper community and spiritual growth as God's Word is discussed and applied. Leaders foster an outward focus within their groups as members care for one another and serve together. Life Group leaders are supported by the CPC Connect Ministry.

Recommended Qualifications

  • Have a personal growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Recognize the Bible as the authority for their lives
  • Are committed to CPC through regular attendance and are in agreement with CPC's Core Values (see LG Leader Job Description)
  • Have prior experience in a Life Group
  • Have a heart for others and have the time, emotional capacity, and moral discernment to lead a group
  • Recommend Spiritual Gifts: Shepherding, Leadership, Encouragement, Helps, Faith, Wisdom

Note: If you are not a CPC member, lack previous life group experience OR are still figuring out you faith, you can still help start a group as a Host! Contact Heather Muncy at  , 925.855.1367 x 319 for more information.