Host one this Summer!
This summer we hope you will join us by hosting an IF:TABLE in your home, backyard, coffee shop...you decide!

What’s an IF:Table?
An IF: Table is about building connectedness with the women in your community by gathering them around your table. All you have to do is invite 5 women over a meal for 2 hours to discuss 4 questions about God and life. They can be neighbors up the street. Women in your carpool group. 5 college girls you know need a warm meal and home away from home. It might become weekly, monthly, or be a one-time event this summer and that's just fine.

If you are interested in hosting an IF:Table, please take just a few moments to fill out this form. If you are still not sure and would like more details OR you are unable to host, but would like to participate in an IF:Table, email Heather Muncy at