What’s an IF:Table?
An IF: Table is about building connectedness with the women in your community by gathering them around your table. All you have to do is invite 5 women over a meal for 2 hours to discuss 4 questions about God and life. They can be neighbors up the street. Women in your carpool group. 5 college girls you know need a warm meal and home away from home. It might become weekly, monthly, or be a one-time event this summer and that's just fine.

God calls us to do life with others. Sometimes the table is the best place to start. Sarah Harmeyer has hosted more than 3,000 people at her table, one meal at a time. We were so inspired and you can do the same by launching your own IF:Table! Watch Sarah’s talk here: 

If you are interested in hosting an IF:Table or would like to participate in one, email Heather Muncy at

"What an amazing evening with some amazing women! We had a wonderful time sharing life experiences"

~Jackie Malakoff

"Our Table was filled with women from age 19 to 78 and the conversation included stories of challenges to heart-warming victories. The table began with several strangers, and ended with several new friends"

~Heather Muncy


"We had good conversation on meaningful topics and some authentic sharing about our thoughts on God, faith and church"

~Marybeth McCullum



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