iCARE Training
Sept. 19 – Nov. 7, 2018 & Jan. 9 – Feb. 13, 2019
Wednesday Evenings //  6:45-8:45 p.m.

Have you ever wanted to reach out to a friend in need but wondered, "What should I say? Will I offend if I say something? What if I get in over my head? I want to help but I don’t know how!"

Many times we want to reflect the love of Christ by responding to those in distress but we feel ill-equipped and unprepared to do so.

The mission of iCARE is to encourage, empower and equip individuals to care for hurting people through the gospel of hope and healing.

iCARE will equip you to care for your family, friends and the people God puts into your life with greater confidence, purpose and awareness. This 13 week program combines a biblical approach to care with an insight into the reality of being human. Classes are taught by CPC pastors, CPC Counseling Center therapists and others who have expertise in a variety of areas.

Topics include:

September 19 – November 7, 2018 (no class October 31)

  • Emotions, Empathy & Expectations with Pastor Heidi Johnson
  • The Art of Listening & Response with Anthony Liu, LMFT
  • Understanding Stress & Anxiety with Danielle Fitch, LMFT
  • The Challenge of Relational Conflict with Laura Taggart, LMFT
  • Transitions: Loss & Illness with Patty Shirley, LMFT/RAPCC
  • Human Anger, Divine Forgiveness with Dave Shinoda, LMFT
  • The Importance of Healthy Boundaries & Self Care with Chris Coble, LMFT

January 9 – February 13, 2019

  • The Truth About Depression with Brent Robery, LMFT & CPCC Clinical Director
  • Understanding Addiction with Ginny Mosby, LMFT
  • Divorce & Blended Families with Heather Muncy, Director of Connect, CPC
  • Viewing a Teen's World with Pastor Bill Haslim
  • Caring for LGBT & Families with Pastors Cathy Burkholder & Heidi Johnson
  • Responding to Mental Illness with Chris Coble, LMFT

iCARE is a great opportunity to learn from individuals who are on the front lines of caring for people every day. This equipping is offered as a complete series. The classes are not available for drop-in attendance as each class builds upon the previous one. Reading and written assignments are also required.

The cost for the series is $50 which includes all books and instructional materials.

Class Details:  

1. Schedule:

6:30-6:45 Check-in
6:45-7:45 Speaker on topic of the week
7:45-8:45 Small group discussion and exercise

2. Confidentiality in all information shared by fellow participants

3. In the first 7 week session, each participant is required to read “How Can I Help?” as assigned. “How Can I Help?” is an easy to read, biblically based book written by veteran Bible Counselor Lynda Elliott. It contains Scripture, wisdom and practical suggestions for care-giving. Reading time will range from 15-45 minutes per week. The book will be distributed at the first class.

Participants are also asked to write a single reflection paragraph on each chapter. A few examples of this might be:

  • This chapter helped me to better understand…
  • I felt the author made a good point regarding…something I had not previously considered.
  • I never realized ______ about __________.

The point of the reflection assignment is to help you claim new understanding and awareness in caring for others.

4. In the second 6 week session, each participant will read one book of choice and submit a one page reflection of insights and potential application. An extensive booklist will be provided at the beginning of the class. Each participant will choose a book, which is included in the cost of the class. A one page reflection will be due by the end of January.

iCARE is offered to those willing to spend time and effort in expanding their caregiving skills. There is no requirement to serve the church following the series, however there will be opportunities for those who wish to do so. Whether God is calling you to a personal ministry in your neighborhood, to your family, or in service to His people, iCARE can help you share the love of Christ in practical, effective ways to those in need.



If you have questions about iCARE, please contact Heidi Johnson at 925.855.1367 ext. 215.