We are looking for adult volunteer leaders who love the Lord, love students AND are excited to invest a week out of their busy lives to lead our high school summer camp! We know this is a big ask, but we believe God is doing big things in the lives of our students. We'd love to hear from you in you feel called to join this team, either as a houseboat leader, as a houseboat driver, as a ski boat driver, or as a member of our logistical support crew. 
This trip is from Monday June 6th to Saturday June 11th. (It might start a little earlier for you if you get to drive a houseboat!)
If you are wanting more information on what a leader does at Houseboats, please reach out to Caleb our High School Director for more information! 
Phone: 925-771-9290


To join the team, start by filling out our leader registration form right here: