The People Meeting Christ Foundation (PMCF) is a tax-exempt charitable foundation (501c3), that supports the vision and growth of Community Presbyterian Church (CPC) in Danville, California. One of the Foundation’s primary objectives is the acquisition of property adjacent to the present CPC campus which can be used for new and expanded Christian ministry and school facilities. PMCF currently owns fifteen houses adjacent to the CPC campus and continues to monitor opportunities in the immediate area.

The People Meeting Christ Foundation provides a tax-favored vehicle for individuals, families, trusts and estates who wish to support both the current and future ministries of Community Presbyterian Church (CPC). PMCF receives donations of cash, stock, vehicles, property and other assets, and assists donors who wish to support the future work of CPC ministries by designating PMCF as a named beneficiary in their trust or estate plans.

CPC exists to serve Christ. The PMC Foundation exists to serve CPC. Over the years, the financial gifts of CPC members and donors have prepared a strong foundation from which to expand the cause of Christ in the San Ramon Valley. The People Meeting Christ Foundation seeks to extend the ministries of Community Presbyterian Church today and for generations to come.

If you are intrigued by these possibilities you can:

  • Support us in Prayer
  • Become personally involved
  • Provide current financial support
  • Designate a future estate gift


For more information, please contact:
Jeff Winaker, 415.385.1795