2017 Gift World Partners

On November 4th and 5th, you have an opportunity to purchase meaningful Christmas gifts for family, friends, and business associates, through our mission partners.  The gifts make a difference to those in need by providing tangible items to those who have little or nothing!

Take a moment and read about our 2017 partners!

We look forward to seeing you on the CPC patio on November 4th and 5th.

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Each day we provide over 2,000 meals to our homeless and hurting neighbors in Richmond. In addition, each night we provide shelter, clothing, compassion and security to 250 men, women and children.


For 52 years, the Bay Area Rescue Mission has served the San Francisco Bay Area’s homeless, underserved, hurting and poor. Our programs address the critical e ects of homelessness and poverty, and o er long-term healing and hope through a residential discipleship program, education, job skills training, life skills training, counseling, Bible study, job placement, transitional living, and preventative intervention. Thank you for your desire to share the love of Christ to those that are truly in need. www.bayarearescue.org


Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are the poorest of the former USSR countries. There continues to be great unemployment and hunger. A bag of flour will be personally given, with all of the glory given to Him and His Grace, to a family in need. Woody and Barbara Busse, with the help of local believers, have overseen this project of love for many years. The other half of the donation will be used to raise up the next generation of Jesus followers by providing scholarships to Kids Club, a preschool which was started in 2001 by CPC’s own Louann Jensen, and to summer camps for older children to learn about Jesus and His love.


Helping young Tajik children attend preschool enables them to learn basic skills and excel in school. More importantly, the children will be taught about the Bible, Jesus and His tender love for children. This gives the child great hope for the future. The schools also act as micro businesses, which give Tajik teachers’ financial help for their families and a way to spread the good news of the Gospel.


Our hygiene kits are part of our shelter/outreach ministries here at CityTeam. Men come into our shelter each evening, many with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They do not have things you and I take for granted, like a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste, razors and shaving cream, shampoo or just lotion for their weather-beaten skin. Your gift will provide hygiene kits to the men at the CityTeam shelter in Oakland.


In the heart of Oakland, CityTeam is carrying on the work that Oakland Peniel Mission began in 1897, providing hot meals, safe shelter, showers, clean clothing, medical attention, food for low-income families and a long-term residential recovery program for men. The recovery program includes education completion, entrepreneur development, and job training. www.cityteam.org/oakland



Since the devastating 2010 earthquake, Extollo International has been training Haitian men and women in construction to give them the skills needed to rebuild their country. Your gift of construction tools and training equipment will help a trainee to master one of 6 construction trades: masonry, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, welding or painting. Following training, these tools can help a graduate start their own business, repair a home, or find a job in their community.


Extollo International’s Training Center teaches job skills in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. To eliminate the pain and su ering of extreme poverty in Haiti, Extollo is dedicated to education, jobs and economic development. www.extollointernational.org


Museums, parks, pools, zoos, amusement parks, and more - imagine the delight on their faces when they go somewhere they've never been before! These trips are vital in the healthy development of our youth, sparking their imaginations and developing their self-confidence. Your gift will give a child or teen an experience they will never forget.


Harbor House is a Christian community development organization that provides a safe place for opportunities, resources, and relationships to be shared so that all families in Oakland can flourish. Since 1972, Harbor House has faithfully served thousands of families through high quality programs that nurture the heart, soul, mind, and body. We o er after-school tutoring and enrichment, leadership development, spiritual discipleship, food and clothing distribution, English as a Second Language classes, summer day camps, and economic development opportunities. www.hhministries.org


The Bible is God’s love letter written to us and for us. It has the power to change lives and entire communities as people are drawn into a personal relationship with God. People are freed from addictions. Families are healed. Lives are transformed. But for speakers of more than 1600 languages, this life-giving Word is out of reach because it does not exist in a language they understand.


Wycliffe Bible Translators exists so that all people have access to the Bible in a language that speaks to their heart. Your gift will fund native speakers of one of Mexico’s languages as they translate the Bible into their language. You will be a part of giving God’s Word to a community that has never heard it. www.wycliffe.org



Micro Business Mentors provides a local Mentor to train, encourage, and support new business owners in the Philippines, Uganda and India. Our 7 local mentors provide basic business training and mentoring prior to granting any loan amount (average $200- $400). Mentoring and group support increase the chances of a successful business.


The MBM trainees in our 2017 photo are from our newest location 25 miles outside of Jinja, Uganda in the village of Iganga. Businesses range from selling charcoal or fish to selling cold drinks and used or re-made clothing. www.microbusinessmentors.com


Urbanites forget how serious soil erosion can be but for rural farmers this can be a life or death issue. “On a global scale the annual loss of 75 billion tons of soil costs the world about US $400 billion per year, or approximately US $70 per person per year” (USDA).


A gabion basket is like a wire cage filled  with rocks. The basket keeps the rocks in place, giving structure, while the rocks give bulk and, because they are loosely stacked, air and water can move easily through the wall. The baskets are stacked and tied together creating a wall. Gabion walls have many advantages in erosion control including relative simplicity, structural flexibility, and low cost. Fundamentally gabion walls control the flow of water and dissipate the erosive energy thereby significantly reducing erosion. www.plantwithpurpose.org



Many inner city children don’t have access to the things most children have access to growing up such as new clothing. Promoting a single standard of dress for school restores dignity in the students and allows them to focus on learning and high achievement. Most of the families aren’t able to a ord uniforms for their children.


Located in the Tenderloin District, San Francisco City Academy’s goal is to end the cycles of poverty and despair with the empowerment of education for the children of the community. City Academy does this through quality education with curriculum built on the principles of the Bible. There are currently 120 students enrolled ranging from K-8th grade. www.sfcityacademy.com



Teen Esteem’s mission is to educate and empower students, educators, families and the community on challenges young people face, emphasizing the importance of respect for self and others.


Our passionate speakers empower young people to make well-informed choices based on respect for self and others encouraging them that their value is not based on what they do, but on who they are. It costs $720 to fully train one volunteer speaker. Thank you for being 1 of 24 sponsors to fully train and equip a Teen Esteem speaker. www.teenesteem.org



Our goals are to (1.) Invest in reaching the next generation, (2.) Serve our community and neighborhood, (3.) Introduce the next generation (in our neighborhood / The City) to THE TABLE and to Jesus.


Blessing needy public schools (located near our church) with musical instruments and art supplies, will help build relationships with children, parents, and teachers and introduces them to a church in the neighborhood that cares about their needs. It will also help show the community that we care about the children in our neighborhood.


The Table is a startup church in downtown San Francisco pastored by Troy Wilson. We are an eclectic intersection of San Francisco, Jesus and all types of people. We love the gospel of Jesus Christ, people, conversation, creativity, San Francisco, and the beauty that flows from these. The Table is a safe place to process your thoughts, questions, and feelings about God. We gather for worship, Bible studies, prayer, food/picnics, fun, and service opportunities in our neighborhoods. www.TheTableSF.com



Every parent wants to be able to provide basic needs for their child; food, shelter and clothing. Your gift can help a parent provide one of these needs. Our clients are given the opportunity to visit our baby boutique where they can get clothing, shoes and other essential baby items. When they are able to provide this one basic need it encourages them to want to do more. A small gift of baby clothing to a mother who is scared and overwhelmed can make a di erence in how she views herself as a mother.


Our mission is to empower our clients to make confident and healthy life choices, when a mother feels empowered, she can then empower her children to make those same healthy choices and help them become who God intended for them to be.


Valley Pregnancy Center is a vital resource to our community for women, men and families in an unexpected pregnancy. We are a state licensed medical clinic specializing in providing immediate hope, practical support and compassion for those in a crisis situation. All of our services are free of charge and we take no state or federal funding. www.valleypregnancycenter.com



Our friends with special-needs LOVE sporting events. Many play basketball or baseball in Challenger or Special Olympics Leagues. Your gift will help a youth to see the Oakland A's play in-person!


Young Life Capernaum gives young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities the chance to experience fun and adventure, to develop fulfilling friendships and to challenge their limits while building self-esteem through club, camp and other exciting activities.


Young Life staff and volunteers model Christ’s unconditional love and acceptance as they walk alongside these young adults — filling their lives with love and support. Also our leaders value time outside of our weekly gatherings to spend with our Capernaum friends. Relationships are key as we enter the lives of these wonderful kids and share Jesus with them. www.diablovalley.younglife.org


Today’s Youth Matter’s camps open the door to a relationship with our Savior. Through authentic relationships, applicable bible lessons and unique confidence-boosting experiences, our kids are transformed. Camp makes God real to them; building a foundation for a lifelong relationship with Christ. Camp provides the space and comfort children need to see beyond their circumstances and dream about their futures. We are now proud to be adding the dynamic aspect of challenging kids in new ways by weaving Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) into our program. www.tymkids.org



Shepherd's Gate's mission is to meet the practical, spiritual, and emotional needs of battered and homeless women and children. In order to help women and children find lasting change, we must care for the whole person. Through our long-term program, women live in residence with their children while they complete comprehensive, individualized work plans to address the underlying causes of their homelessness.


Program services include case management for social and healthcare services, counseling, life-skills classes, addiction recovery services, childcare, parenting classes, career development services, volunteer opportunities, job-readiness training, and financial literacy instruction. Children also receive counseling and case management for their physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development. Thank you for being a part of their journey by providing one night of shelter, food and basic needs. www.shepherdsgate.org



School children come from village homes in northern India where there are few resources. Families are giving a small amount each month ($0.50) to the school for education of each child. This is done to teach generosity and responsibility ... qualities that help outcasts change from being Dalit to being Christian.It is powerful when we can o er education, good teachers who work hard to see that children succeed books, uniforms, transportation, a Christian environment, and a warm winter sweater to every child.


Witnessing Ministries of Christ (WMC) reaches into the Dalit (untouchable) communities where families are not even part of the caste system. They have little access to religion, education, health, economic improvement, and socializing with others. When Jesus Christ becomes their strength, they begin to live beyond this system that has extracted the life from them for more than 3,500 years. Through faith and education, they begin to change toward a new future. www.witnessingministries.com



The schools of the Exodus Presbyterian Church, India serve nutritious lunches because it may be the only time in the day the child gets a full meal. These village families are choosing to be Christian, but without education that leads to good jobs and better living conditions, they continue to live in poverty. An adequate lunch helps put children on an equal footing for learning. At this time of day, the children sing a beautiful mealtime prayer of gratitude, an opportunity to fellowship with others or practice their English Sentence of the Day.

Witnessing Ministries of Christ (WMC) reaches into the Dalit (untouchable) communities where families are not even part of the caste system. They have little access to religion, education, health, economic improvement, and socializing with others. When Jesus Christ becomes their strength, they begin to live beyond this system that has extracted the life from them for more than 3,500 years. Through faith and education, they begin to change toward a new future. www.witnessingministries.com