• For the wind to stop and the fires to be extinguished.
  • For the protection and provision of the families who are under threat of this danger.
  • For the safety and effectiveness of the firefighters and first responders. 
  • For the local church community and ministries to have strength and peace during this time.    

We are asking our church, friends & neighbors to help give back to those affected as well to help support our Fire Fighters. Here are two initial ways to give, more to come!

  1. Donate Gift Cards. We will be accepting $25 and $50 gift cards. These will be given to those who are in need and have lost. Examples: Grocery stores, Target, Visa, etc. Please drop off at CPC in the mail slot to the left of the main office door.
  2. Provide 30 day temporary housing. Do you have a room with a private bath? A guest house or a room you'd be willing to open up? If so, please email  
  3. Give online through Convoy of Hope. Click here to learn more.

If you have questions please email our Serve Director, Deana Dickerson at