Here are some photos of our Fall 2021 Preschool Class!

What Sponsorship Provides:
Child sponsorship is the primary funding vehicle for our Sintaro project. Know that even during these up and down times, your sponsorship means so much! Your sponsorship funds the operations of the Sintaro school as well as uniforms, school supplies, medical care and two meals a day for your sponsored child. The kids receive spiritual enrichment each Saturday. Also, a portion of your sponsorship continues to go towards the community, including maintenance of the community well, support of the local churches and adult education opportunities.

Because of your generous contributions and the project lifetime savings realized from the strong dollar, the sponsorship of our newest and last kindergarten class is fully funded through 8th grade. Therefore, we are no longer seeking typical sponsors for our new students. There is an important part of child sponsorship that is still needed, however. We ask our sponsors to pray for and write at least annually to our sponsored children. We are seeking "care" sponsors for our unsponsored children to provide this service. To become a care sponsor click HERE.

Sponsorship Benefits:
Sponsoring a child is a gift to the child, but it is a blessing to the sponsor as well. More than just a tax write-off for those making financial contributions, you will receive letters from and photos of your child at least annually. You will learn about how our support is changing their life, family and village. You can even visit Ethiopia, meet your child and be doubly blessed!

Communicating with your Sponsored Child:
Twice a year we have teams that visit Sintaro and deliver a letter from you to your sponsored child. In those trips we've been able to read sponsor letters to each child and have it translated! COVID has suspended our ability to visit temporarily but we are still able to receive and send letters and photos periodically through the mail. As a child sponsor, you will be sent information about how to submit your letter.  For more information on letter writing click HERE.


To make online Sponsorship Payments: 
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