As part of our commitment to Sintaro Village, our hope is to impact the lives of villagers through education, clean water and community development. Child Sponsorship will directly impact the lives of young children and break the cycle of poverty in Sintaro for generations to come.  To date, we are providing sponsors to 400 children! Each fall, we add a new class of 50 kids - We'd love to talk to you about how you can be a part of this exciting time at CPC!

What Sponsorship Provides:
Sponsorship of a child provides school fees, a portion of the teacher's salary, uniforms, school supplies and two meals a day. The kids will also receive spiritual enrichment each Saturday. Part of your funds also go towards community, including maintenance of the community well and adult education opportunities. Families will also benefit when teams from CPC visit to do VBS, hygiene, healthcare and community outreach.  

Sponsorship Costs:
Sponsorship costs $40/month or $480 annually for your first sponsored child and can be paid through your myCPC account by setting up a recurring payment.  Because significant community projects such as the building of the well and the two schools have been fully funded, sponsorship for additional children is $20/month or $240 annually. Payments can alternatively be made annually by check payable to CPC each fall.  

Sponsorship Benefits:
Sponsoring a child is a gift to the child, but it is a blessing to the sponsor as well. More than just a tax write-off, you will receive letters from your child at least annually. You will learn about how our support is changing their life and family. You can even visit Ethiopia, meet your child and be doubly blessed!

Communicating with your Sponsored Child
Twice a year we have teams that visit Sintaro and deliver a letter from you to your sponsored child. In recent trips we've been able to read sponsor letters to each child and have it translated! As a child sponsor, you will be sent information about how to submit your letter.


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