Jesus Storybook Bible

This is by far our most recommended kid’s bible. Great illustrations, good storytelling, and constantly pointing to Jesus; we recommend this Bible for every family. This is the Bible we give to families when they have a baby baptized so you can tell that we love it. This is a great Bible to read to babies and preschool and early elementary children will find this very engaging.

Toddler’s Bible

Simple story structure and bright pictures make this a great kids book for toddlers to just begin exposing them to the stories of God’s Word.  It is an excellent toddler and early preschool Bible and very easy to use. It also comes in board book so that adds some durability for those rough and tumble years.

Beginner’s Bible

The art in this Bible is very bright and fun and this book includes many more stories from the whole of Scripture. This Bible keeps the simple storytelling, but has longer sentences so it’s a good Bible for the transition to older preschoolers and early elementary.

Action Bible

Using comic book format, this Bible engages elementary kids well. It tries to stay as close to the stories and language as possible from the actual text, but it has a strong emphasis on the big story of God’s Word. This Bible is definitely full of ACTION and energetic elementary aged children who like adventure stories as well as kids who love comic books will love this Bible. 

Illustrated Children’s Bible

This is a more mature picture Bible full of great imagery to drive home the stories of God’s people. This is a good Bible for kids in elementary school to practice reading and to engage their sense of wonder in what God has done. 

The Biggest Story

This is less of a storytelling Bible and more of a simple overview of the big story of God. The art is incredible, but it is definitely a more broad stroke perspective on the story of Scripture. It’s also a little dark so it is the kind of Bible that would be good for more mature kids to engage with and is a cool tool for a family to walk through the whole story.

Adventure Bible 

This is a fantastic first actual text bible with all the verses in the NIV. It comes with excellent resources and study questions to drive it home for kids and to help them understand God’s Word in their language. This is the Bible we give to all our 3rd graders who complete our Bible Detective’s class so we heartily recommend it. Definitely an older Bible that is good for kids in mid to end of elementary school.