Our goal is to make you feel welcome! Take a look at some of our FAQ - we hope the answers will help to make you feel comfortable as you plan your visit to CPC. 

If you would like any additional information or would like to speak to someone please feel free to contact Kim Warner ( ), our Director of Hospitality or fill out our contact form.

Where can I park?

We have reserved spots for new people right up front! Please feel free to take advantage of these spots. Parking is also available in our three lots as well as across the street at the bank.

What service options are available?

On Sunday mornings we offer services at 9AM & 10:45AM in both our main Sanctuary and Video Cafe venues. The Video Cafe has the service streamed from the Sanctuary. We also offer a Saturday evening service at 5PM, which meets in our multi-purpose Venue location.

** During the summer, we will be combined into one venue while our Sanctuary is getting some exciting updates! Starting July 8 & 9 all Saturday and Sunday services will be meeting in the multi-purpose venue. 

September 9 & 10 will be the start of a new season at CPC! Saturday night and all Sunday morning services will be held in our refreshed Sanctuary! We'll be adding a third worship time on Sunday morning, more details to come!  More...

I have kids - where do they go?

When you first arrive, you will see kiosks that say "CPC Kids" all over campus. Go up to any one and a volunteer will help check your child in to their class.  After service, you will be able to pick your child up using the tag you received at check-in. More...

Why do I have to check in my child?

CPC is proud to offer safe and secure child programs. We check your child in so that we have an accurate count of how many children are in each class. It also allows us to know who the parents are in case of an emergency and our system also allows us to track things like allergies so that we know how to best care for your child. In addition, when checking your child in you will receive a claim tag that will allow only you to pick up your child. 

Can I eat/drink during the service?

Yes, you can enjoy food and beverages in all services. 

Is there a dress code?

No, there is not a dress code. You will see some people who are dressed up and others who are more casual - please feel free to wear whatever is comfortable.