Ruling Elders are chosen by CPC members and serve in one of three classes, each for a three-year term on Session, the governing body of CPC. The Session meets on the first Tuesday evening of each month to guide and support the life of CPC in spiritual, fiduciary, and strategic matters. Each meeting lasts at about three hours, and requires some preparation, reviewing written proposals and other communication to be discussed and acted on at the meeting. Elders are assigned to provide oversight, encouragement, and counsel to various ministry areas across CPC, as their gifts and experience applicable. They also regularly support New Members classes, and serve as delegates to meetings of the Presbytery and General Assembly of our denomination, the EPC (Evangelical Presbyterian Church) at least once a year. Elders should expect to serve approximately 5 hours monthly.

Of paramount importance to an Elder’s qualifications is a commitment to Christ and a commitment to seek His will for CPC. Serving as an Elder requires a deep love for Christ and fellow believers, spiritual maturity, a commitment to prayer, common sense, and a growing knowledge of the Scriptures.  Questions about CPC Elders? Please contact the Clerk of Session, Jamie Van Randwyk

Elders 2020–2021

  • Michelle Bleasdell
  • Chris Callahan
  • Kim Cory
  • Linda Danis
  • Marilee Goodykoontz
  • Karli Lewis
  • Mike Macdonald
  • Paul Moon
  • Bill Pearce
  • Alex Powers
  • Steph Sawyer
  • Brian Shepherd
  • Jamie Van Randwyk

Deacons are chosen by CPC members and serve in one of three classes, each for a three-year term on the Board of Deacons. Deacons meet on the second Tuesday evening each month for about three hours: to discuss new and old business, to hear committee reports as well as to meet in committee assignments. Deacons are asked to serve on a minimum of two committees, which include Chancel, Congregation Support, Deacons’ Fund, Memorials, Prime Time, Senior Worship and Serve & Outreach. Deacons should expect to devote an average of 8-10 hours per month to their responsibilities.

Deacons make a three-year commitment to seek His will for our church and to serve as the “hands and feet of Christ” to our church and our community. The special gift required is one of caring and compassion, a love of Christ, and a desire to share it in practical ways with His people. As a deacon you can look forward to achieving personal growth in your spiritual life, as you will be serving others along with brothers and sisters in the name of Christ. If you have any questions about Deacons, please contact CPC's Care Pastor, Heidi Johnson at

Deacons 2020–2021
  • Mihaela Benson
  • Ben Burgess
  • Gina Callahan
  • Karen Cannariato
  • Paul Chase
  • Steve Diekmann (Vice Moderatior)
  • Mark Furrow
  • Kristen Henry
  • JoAnn Jones
  • Megan Klopp
  • Jim Lewkowicz
  • Dan Lucht
  • Mary Martineau
  • John Neff
  • Diane Oppocher
  • Teri Perun
  • Mike Raphel
  • Carolyn Ricinak
  • Kevin Rouse
  • Kristie Rouse
  • Myra Samson
  • John Sermeno
  • Brenda Smith
  • George Smith
  • Mark Walker
  • Teresa Wells (Moderator)
  • Dee Dee Worthing