Sanctity of Life Statement

The Session of Community Presbyterian Church affirms the sacred value and purpose God has for each human life. Our stand for life leads us to deplore injustice of any kind and any practice which devalues human life. We are committed to the sanctity of life of the unborn child; all victims of abortion; the protection of children from infanticide, exploitation, and any other abuse; the homeless and hungry; the mentally ill; the sick, including the neglect and alienation of people suffering with AIDS; victims of substance abuse; neglect and abuse of the elderly; prisoner rehabilitation; and the ultimate issue of salvation for all people through Jesus Christ.

We are convinced that the sacred value of the family from its biblical source is essential to recovering respect for the value of individual human lives. God has ordained the family as the basic social unit of human institutions to propagate, protect, and nurture human life. We commit ourselves to the strengthening and support of the family in its important work.

To accomplish these ends, we seek to maintain a vital personal relationship with God, our Father, and to live in obedience to the truth revealed in His Holy Word. The Session entreats its brothers and sisters in Christ to join in a season of prayer as we seek renewal and deeper personal and corporate accountability to God and each other. We acknowledge that faithful biblical Christians may differ in opinion on these issues. As we study God's Word and pray for His guidance, may we continue to learn, dialogue, and grow as brothers and sisters in Christ. We desire to maintain an atmosphere of unconditional love, grace, and forgiveness in which spiritual, emotional, and relational healing can occur to the glory of God.


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