Welcome to Community Presbyterian Church! 

We are so glad you're here! Take a look at the menu on the right to learn more about CPC, including what to expect, information about our denomination, and more. We also invite you to browse all of our ministriesclasses & events and to come visit us during a weekend worship service. Read on for information about our Purpose, Path, & Picture. 

Our Purpose, Path & Picture
Our Purpose
"People meeting Christ and living as His disciples."

This simple statement anchors our church and guides everything we do. It is what we're all about. It is Gospel-Centered, and given to us by Jesus (Matthew 28:19-20). It shapes our hearts, informs our actions, and aligns our efforts.

Our Path
Worship • Connect • Serve

Our Purpose is what we're about; our Path is how we get there. It provides "next steps" for people to grow in relationships with God, our church, and our community.


Worship is a lifestyle of enjoying God and putting Him first. It is a loving response to God's goodness and mercy. It includes, but is not limited to attending weekend worship services, reading the bible to get to know Jesus, praying to God, and praising Him.



We connect by joining a group or a team to grow in community. This could be a small group, a women's group, a men's group, a service team, ect. The key is to connect with other Christ followers so you can grow in a community of faith. 


Use your gifts to serve God and others. This happens on and off the church campus, and is a great way to make new friends and share the love of Jesus. 


Before any weekend service, special event, or ministry activity, we ask these questions: Will it help people worship? Will it help people connect? Will it give people the opportunity to serve and take ownership?

Together, as we move along this Path, the Holy Spirit will help us fulfill our God-given Purpose, and realize our bold vision for the future, which we call our Picture.

Our Picture

Our Picture is our vision for the future of CPC. It is where we are headed. The vision reflects what we value. Our vision is to be a life transforming, gospel sharing, compassionate, generous, intergenerational church community...so that God's family will grow in and through our Valley. 

We believe our vision to be so important, compelling and Spirit-led that we developed a specific prayer for each of the five parts:

Life Transforming
"Lord, may the people of CPC be passionate about the gospel transforming our day to day lives."

Gospel Sharing
"Lord, may the people of CPC have a contagious zeal to share the gospel so that many come to know Christ."

"Lord, may the CPC community joyfully serve the poor and needy in personal and practical ways."

"Lord, may the people of CPC excel in the grace of giving."

"Lord, may CPC be a community where every generation engages with one another."

As we fulfill our Purpose, and follow our Path, we believe the byproduct will be God helping us realize our Picture-our vision for the future.